Wednesday, February 8, 2012


I work for a not-for-profit. I deal with the clients we serve on a daily basis. Though I love it, it is emotionally trying sometimes. It can become easy to see suffering and focus on that. I have days when I go home and need to cry. Today I felt the opposite. Well perhaps not opposite, because I still saw the suffering happening in our city, but I met some amazing people working really hard to change their situation. I love these days, and this is why I do what I do. Today I believe in people. Today I am happy. 

I found this here.



  1. I wish you could have been at the conference today.. It was very inspiring. One of the keynote speakers was talking about his friend's 4 year old son who says, "be happy every day. " he doesn't mean smiling and hugging, he means be grateful for what you have. Wise words for a 4 year old, I say.

  2. Sometimes 4 year olds know best.