Monday, March 26, 2012

Being Tender

Oh my it's been too long since I've sat down and written. An awful lot has happened, including welcoming another client's baby girl into the world. I must simply dash off and get ready for work to go feed some hungry people today, but before I go I must leave you with this little quote. I found it over at Little Reminders of Love (my favourite all time blog out there!) and I had to pass it along. It's as though she stole the words right from my head!! Happy Monday, loves. Promise to write soon!

My best friend and I a couple years ago. As tender a moment as they come.

"Being tender and open is beautiful. As a woman, I feel continually shhh’ed. Too sensitive. Too mushy. Too wishy washy. Blah blah. Don’t let someone steal your tenderness. Don’t allow the coldness and fear of others to tarnish your perfectly vulnerable beating heart. Nothing is more powerful than allowing yourself to truly be affected by things. Whether it’s a song, a stranger, a mountain, a rain drop, a tea kettle, an article, a sentence, a footstep, feel it all – look around you. All of this is for you. Take it and have gratitude. Give it and feel love."  -Zooey Deschanel

Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Day of the Woman

In my opinion, it should be every day.

I mean at least someone decided to give us a day where we could be proud of our brains, our bodies, our accomplishments, our talents, our vaginas, our menstrual blood. But why only one day? Just because March 8th has the official title doesn't mean we need to stop there.

But I am glad that we get a day.

But don't let it stop at midnight tonight. Continue to fight for girls all over the world. They need you. We need each other.

I hope that all the women out there are having an amazing day celebrating their gender and the inherent power that means she has. I love each of you and believe that you are powerful, strong, smart, capable, and the list could go on forever.

I love you and your womanhood.