Tuesday, February 12, 2013

I want to kiss the hell out of you.....


Want to know a secret? I think kissing is perfect. When you see someone kiss, you can't help but smile. Or at least I can't.
An infant open-mouth kissing your cheek (more like eating it!)
A reunion with a best friend where the hug and the kiss get smashed into one beautiful moment of love
 A couple at a party laughing with friends and he leans over and kisses her temple
The sweetness of a kiss on the cheek as two people meet in the street
The tenderness when a parent kisses their grown child and all you can see in that moment is how that grown child will never fully be grown at all in their parent's heart. Always small, always vulnerable, always worth protecting, always theirs
Deep kisses between lovers
A million tiny kisses all over

It is a perfect expression of love. When you simply cannot put into words the depths of what you are feeling.

Enjoy some kissing today, loves. Here is something to get you started.


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