Wednesday, April 25, 2012

This is a post about periods. And you ought to bloody read it.


I am a genetically female woman who has reached sexual and reproductive maturity which in turn means my uterus prepares for the implantation of a fertilized ovum from one of my ovaries on a fairly regular basis (don't try to give me this 28 day cycle bullshit). Because of this, when a fertilized egg doesn't implant or has some serious issues, my body, ever so nicely sheds the lining of my uterus and gets ready just in case it happens next time! (It doesn't get discouraged, it just tries and tries again!) So let me be clear here: my uterus is shedding unneeded blood and tissue, my vagina is not bleeding. If my genitals were bleeding I would be slightly more concerned for my health and well being as anyone should be if there is significant blood loss from any of the body's organs! Not to mention, it's one hell of a pregnancy predictor! Dudes just have to assume they know of all their children in the world, we get to be pretty damn sure!
Anyway...just FYI, this is not a new occurrence. Uterus' have been shedding unwanted blood and tissue since the dawn of time. And it's not just female HUMANS! Seriously!!!! Reproductively mature, female animals shed linings. And so why all the animosity about periods?! Gents, (if you're still reading this than you just bumped yourself up a notch in my books) get over it. Women, sure it can be uncomfortable and a bit of a nuisance, but it is no surprise (well after the first one, anyway!). But mostly to the industry which caters to "feminine hygiene" please kindly go fist yourselves. It is NOT ok to use blue water to convey the message of red/brown blood and tissue. I do not think it is ok to shame us into wearing bleached, pesticide riddled, chemically processed cotton and other man made materials to 'contain' my body. Eff that noise! And Kotex, thank you for trying to bring light to this, but you're just as bad! Just because you put your products in bright, rainbow-y colours doesn't mean that you're not contributing to the problem, you're just controling it differently. No, we should not be ashamed of our badass bodies. You know why? Because if we didn't get periods we wouldn't be able to host a little wee baby in our wombs. But maybe that's just it! That is an awfully powerful process and it wouldn't be quite right for women to have this ability and be totally stoked on it! Aww helllllls no, so it is important for them to hate it and be ashamed, and for society to contain it in order to maintain the order. Oh not to mention fork out a cold hard cash from our own pockets to pay for that shit. Because THAT makes so much sense! Especially since for every dollar that a man makes a woman makes on average 77 cents. So smaller wages, more expenses. AWESOME!
The cool thing is that we can learn to reappropriate this shit. Eff you feminine hygiene, I will use me some sea sponges to soak up that iron-y goodness, rinse it out and reuse it. Novel idea of not contributing to the landfill. I will also be mother effing proud that my body is epic enough to build up an awesome layer of sufficient nutrients to sustain life and should that not happen rejuvenate itself in order to perhaps do it again next month (or in 2 weeks or 6 weeks, or 2 months whatever YOUR cycle looks like). Because your body bloody (haha) rocks!!! I have actually come to have a pretty rad relationship with my Moon Time and it pretty awesome.

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